I felt the need to develop a trusting relationship with the person who was checking up on me and was supportive before, during and after the process.

El salvador
El Salvador

I was 6 weeks pregnant when I found out. I got in contact with someone who was selling cytotec. They provided me with instructions to carry out the procedure.

Venezuela | End Pregnancy Support

Where I live there’s a strong taboo around abortion, which is why a lot of women risk their lives by taking drastic actions with their bodies in order to end their pregnancies or in the worst case, they bring kids into the world in a very irresponsible way. I contacted safe2choose via email, after that…

Venezuela | Live Chat Email Abortion Support

Thanks to an organization in Venezuela that promotes information about abortion, I was able to find out about safe2choose and the services they provide. Soon after I learned about them I visited their website, where through the live chat I was able to contact them. Then, emails became the perfect way to keep in contact…

Venezuela | Abortion Support

In my country, the situation with abortion is very complicated to deal with, but thank god the technological advances are on our side. Searching through the internet, I found the website safe2choose and I read a few of the testimonies from women in my country, which gave me assurance to contact them. I sent them…

Dominican republic
Dominican Republic

I follow them on Facebook and I had the opportunity to get to know them when I really needed them.