Country Philippines, Age 23

safe2choose helps women like us to be able to have the freedom to decide for our own bodies when law and religion prohibit us from doing so.

Country: Argentina, Age: 18,

I got unexpectedly pregnant with my ex boyfriend, whom with I had a horrible relationship. One week after breaking up with him I found out I was pregnant and I felt my world cave in on me. I told him… Read more »

Country: El Salvador, Age: 23,
El Salvador

Hello! I wanted to share with you all part of my testimony for those of you looking for help like I was a few months ago. safe2choose is an organization very important in my life because they helped when I… Read more »

Country: Mexico, Age: 21

Hello ladies, on May 27th, 2017 I took a home pregnancy test and the two lines confirmed my fears. I had read about abortion with pills and I have always been in favor of women being in charge of their… Read more »

Country: Dominican Republic, Age: 21
Dominican Republic

My experience was quite good. I thought I would feel bad or alone throughout the process, but it was actually the opposite and I felt supported. Thanks to my decision, I can continue to study and continue on with my… Read more »

Country: Venezuela, Age: 24

They responded to my emails quickly, treated me with a lot of respect and understood my situation. They made me feel calm throughout each moment during my process. I will forever be grateful. During my abortion I had about 6… Read more »