How I fit get safe abortion care?

We understand say to get safe abortion care fit hard when you dey alone. Our team dey always dey here to listen to you, share simple safe abortion information, and connect you to people wey dey near you when you need am. Our counselors wey we train well well dey join body with people wey dey do abortion near you to support you all through; dem no go judge you and you no need to fear.

Safe Abortion Care

Abortion dey safe for me?

For every stage of belle, different method of safe abortion care dey available for you. Some kain contraindication dey wey you need to sabi wey fit disqualify you, and our counselors fit guide you with information wey go fit your situation. Before you start abortion, you go need to know how long your belle don stay. You fit use the belle calculator wey dey down to help you calculate am.


Put the first day of your last period.


Sabi how to calculate

Safe Abortion Care

Abortion with Medicine

Abortion with medicine na simple method of abortion wey you fit use two type of medicine either (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) or only one kind of medicine (Misoprostol). E dey force the cervix to contract and commot the belle, e go kon resemble menstruation. E fit last between few days or few weeks and you fit do am for house. For safe2choose, we dey support women wey wan do aborttion by demself with medicine for house with ogbonge information and wetin go help dem. For this method, we support women wey dia belle don reach 11 weeks and we go send women wey dia belle don pass 11 weeks to our partners dem for dia area for extra safe abortion care.


Safe Abortion with medicine options


Inside Clinic Abortion

Inside Clinic Abortion na abortion wey medicine person do, manual vacuum aspiration, surgical abortion and miscarriage management. Na for the medical provider office, clinic or hospital na in dem go do am and e depend on top the kain law wey dey your country. E no dey pain person because dem go use local or general anesthesia and e no dey tay at all. If dis method na im dey good pass for your situation, reach out to us, so that we go connect you straight to people wey dey do am wey we trust.


Safe Inside Clinic Abortion Option