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Women for different part of de world dey commot belle everyday.
More and more women don dey use medicine dey commot belle because e dey safe and comfortable for dem. For dis type of abortion, nobody go know and e dey easy for dem to do.

If you don commot belle wit medicine and whether safe2choose give you support, remember say wen you share your abortion tori, e go help other women get morale support for dia decision.

E go help dem know say to commot belle dey personal and everybody experience dey different. To tell your tori go take time and e fit help woman wey dey find informate about wetin our counselors dey do for safe2choose.

Take a few minutes take share your personal tori, experience or wetin you think. Make we join hand together take prove to de world say abortion normal and e fit dey part of anybody life. Use dis platform spread your message and help other women understand say abortion na basic health right.

For here you fit read about abortion experiences from women from different part of de world.

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