Belle confirmation and calculator

How you take dey calculate how many weeks your belle don reach?

To calculate de time wey your belle dey important whether you wan commot de belle or keep am.

If you decide to commot de belle, de number of weeks wey your belle don reach go help you sabi de abortion method wey you fit do.

If you decide say you wan keep de belle, dis go help your midwife or doctor sabi if your belle dey grow as e suppose. No forget say belle suppose last around 38 to 42 weeks from de first day of your last period. [1]

De easiest way to take calculate how long you don carry belle na to dey count de number of weeks and days from de first day of your last period.

E dey important to count from de first day of your last period because we go fit know wen de egg release and wen e fertilize. [2]

Dey careful wit de kain mistake wey people dey do. No go calculate:

- Wen you miss your period;

- De day wey you nack;

- De day wey you think say belle enter.

If you need to calculate how many weeks your belle don stay, select de first day of your last period for here

If you no dey monitor your period, or you no fit remember de last time wey you see am, think back to wetin you dey do wen you see am. Where you dey? Who you dey with? Sometimes, e fit help you remember de date wen your last period show face. [3]

Other ways to help you know say belle don enter:

1) Urine test: dis test dey common as e dey see belle hormone inside piss. So dat we go avoid “false negative” do de test 2 weeks or more after you don nack without protection.

- Wetin you gain: e no cost at all and you fit do am by yourself for house.

- Wetin you lose: you no fit know how long de belle don dey.

2) Blood test: two type of blood test na im dey: qualitative (e go sabi de belle hormone hCG wey dey inside your blood) and quantitative (e go check de amount of hormone).

- Wetin you gain: you fit know very early pass de urine test, and you fit know how long de belle don dey (if na quantitative).

- Wetin you lose: e cost, and na your health care person must tell you say make you do am.

3) Ultrasound: dis test dey useful wen your belle don reach or pass 4 weeks. If not, nothing go show. E go even make sense more if say you no even know wen your last period be.

- Wetin you gain: E dey very sure if you wan check how long your belle don stay and you fit know ectopic pregnancy or belle wey you no fit carry.

- Wetin you lose: e dey cost, and na your healthcare person must do am for you. [4]

How you take dey calculate how many weeks your belle don reach?

Different way dey wey safe wey you fit comot your belle, and this depend on how old your belle be. Because different belle age dey wey fit different ways to comot belle, the decision also fit be because of where you dey, if instrument to comot abortion dey and who you like make help you.


- Abortion wit Medicine be abortion wey dem dey do for belle wey never reach 11 weeks.

- Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) na de type of Uterine aspiration, and you fit use am for belle wey don dey 10-11 week

- Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) na de type of Uterine aspiration, and you fit use am for belle wey don dey 10-15 week

- Dilation and evacuation (D&E) dey for belle wey don 14 weeks

- Induction abortion dey for belle wey don pass 16 weeks

- Dilation and Curettage (D&C) na old method wey (MVA/EVA) and dilation and evacuation (D&E) don replace. [1], [5]

safe2choose endorse Abortion for Clinic or Abortion wit Medicine or Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) for belle wey still dey de first 3 months or early second trimester and we get ogbonge informate wey full ground as e take concern dis method.

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