To get counseling support throughout your abortion

Abortion Counseling

Because dem dey stigmatize people wey dey find abortion care, so, e dey dey hard to get the information wey you need. Plenty information wey no correct dey outside. Our counseling team wey we don train well well dey available for you from Monday to Friday to give you very recent information about abortion through email or live chat to make sure say you dey safe.

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Email counseling

You fit send us email for anytime. Our counselors dey work from Monday-Friday, and dem go answer your email sharp sharp.


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Live Chat counseling

If you go prefer to discuss your abortion by chat and get support during the abortion, our counselors dey available from Monday-Friday. We be international platform and our counselors dey for different country wey get different time. So, the time wey we go take reply you go fit dey different. If you no see our counselor when you come online, abeg try anoda time, or send email to We go reply you.


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Chatbot counseling

We don design our chatbot to give you real support to guide you on top our website and ask yourself the right question to help you understand your situation well before you chat with our counselor. Our chatbot dey support our team to dey answer questions when dem no dey online. If you still wan follow person talk, abeg try our chat anoda time or send email to


Wetin safe2choose abortion counselors dey give sef?

Women do dey always talk about wetin dey happen during abortion because, even though say people for world dey commot 25% of the belle wey dem carry, dem still dey stigmatize abortion.

To sabi how to do safe abortion na plenty work and e fit even confuse person sef. Abortion counseling go let you sabi all the option wey dey available for you. Our counseling team go hear your tori and give you all the information wey go fit your situation so that you go fit make the best decision for yourself.

Abortion counselors wey dem train well well fit answer any question, yarn about anything wey person dey feel, make sure say you dey safe, and support the person throughout the abortion.
Trained abortion counselors can address common questions, validate emotional experiences, ensure safety, and act as a support person through the abortion process.

Referral to on-the-ground partners

For some case, women fit do the abortion by diaself for house and dem go get the abortion medicine for hand, but for many case, women go need abortion counseling to either find the medicine or to find the person wey go do the abortion for dem inside clinic or post abortion care wey near dem.

If this kain thing happen, our partnership team go work to make sure say dem connect you privately to people wey dem trust and wey dem train well well all over the world. We no dey collect anyhow people for our program, so we dey make sure say the women wey we refer na good place dem go to get professional abortion and dem go share our value of respect, empathy and quality care wey we expect say every woman deserve.

Our team

Abortion Counseling team

Women counselors wey dem train well well for the area of medicine na im dey our team and dem fit answer any question wey you get. To make sure say our counseling go make sense with your culture, we dey collabo with the local counselor for different continent. We wan make sure say we fit answer as many women wey need answer for dia own language, and our team dey speak more than 10 language; English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Hebrew, Kiswahili and Wolof.

Our team dey also do regular training to make sure say we dey do betta for counseling, our practice and research about safe abortion dey recent and we fit handle matter wey hard.

Everything wey you share with us, nobody go know and we go delete all our conversation once you no need our support again.