You get plenty ways if you wan comot belle o

Every year, 40% of de belle wey people dey carry, dem no plan am (Guttmacher Institute). Dis mean say, everyday women for different place for de world de carry belle wey dem no want and because of many reason, dem wan commot de belle. All women, no matter who dem be, de colour of dia skin, dia religion, wetin dem get or where dem dey live, dem deserve options wey safe.

We dey provide informate wey sure well well about safe abortion.

Shey you get any question about wetin person need do if e wan do abortion?Shey you get any question about wetin person need do if e wan do abortion?

If you get any question about wetin dem dey do for abortion and abortion medicine, den look de question wey people dey always ask. If you no see wetin you dey find, or you wan yarn with us one on one, abeg contact one of our counselors wey we train and we fit speak many languages for our Contact s page or de Live Chat box. We dey here to support you and to give you informate about safe abortion.

Last updated on 06/11/2020

We are staying available to support you with your abortion during COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the situation of coronavirus globally and will keep updating our information and services.

We advise our readers to:

  1. Read our latest blog post on abortion and COVID-19
  2. Follow WHO safety guidelines on COVID-19
  3. Contact our counselors