Terms and condition


safe2choose (www.safe2choose.org) na im get and na im dey operate dis Website. Dis document go guide your relationship wit the domain name www.safe2choose.org and services na im be the provider wey we dey talk here (“Website”). To use dis Website and the information –picture, text and videos-, and services -like counseling and Online Consultation – dey available on top dis Website (na all join, the “Counsellng Services / Services) must follow dis terms, condition and notice (the “Terms of Service”).

As you dey use the Counseling Service on top dis Website or inside dis Website, you dey agree to all the Terms of Service, as we fit dey change am from time to time. You gas check dis page every time so dat you go fit know whether we don change anything for the Terms of Service. E fit no dey possible for us to give you advance notice if we wan change anything on top the Website or inside the Terms of Services.

We get the right to commot or change the Service and we no go give you any notice. You no go fit talk say na our fault if for any reason dis Website no dey again. Sometimes, we fit no let you go some part or even smell the entire Website at all.

Dis Website fit get links to other websites (the “Sites Wey Join Body”), and no be dis Website dey operate dem. Dis Website no get control on top the Sites Wey Join Body to our own and we no accept say na we cause any gbege wey go cause make something spoil or kasala blow wen you use dem. Wen you use those Sites Wey Join Body to our own, you dey use am as dia terms of use and service for those websites take talk.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy don talk as we go take use your information and you fit see am on top www.safe2choose.org/pcm/privacy-policy. As you dey use dis Website, you don agree say we go process your personal information as we take describe am here and unto say the information wey you give use dey correct.

Counselors and Counseling Service

The website go let you to talk wit counselors, consultants, medicine people and doctors or any other person wey dem don train well well to give dis kain Service (na all join “counselor”) so dat you go fit get counseling, information and advice about belle wey dem take medicine commot. Abeg, know say the Counselling service no be professional medical advice or professional medical service and make you no take am like the advice or service wey medicine people or clinic give you for your area. Dem no register the Website like say na medicine person or clinic for your area, e no dey give you any assurance and e no get any right to tell you the kain treatment or medicine to use or take. No see the Website or the Counsellors as hospital, clinic, medicine place or medicine person.

Dis Website no be to tell you wetin dey do you, tell you the kain medicine to use or the kain treatment to take and make you troway any advice wey the Website give you.

The Counselling Service on top the Website na only to support face-to-face consultation wit medicine person wey dem train and the Counselling Service, no go use am replace face-to-face check-up wit medical doctor. As e dey go, you must make sure say you meet medicine person or doctor to get for advice as e take concern dis matter before you decide to commot the belle whether na with medicine or anoda way. The Counselling Service na just to give you information about different ways wey dey wey person fit take commot belle and e no dey give any kain advice about which method go dey beta for you.

No talk say because of the information or advice wey you collect from us, you no go kon wan see doctor , you start to dey hide or you forget to go meet doctor or your health care people face-to-face to get correct medical advice.

No be joke o, go see your doctor or health care people for your area to get medical advice before you take any treatment or use any medicine.

No try am

No go use dis Website anyhow. You no go: commit or tell anoda person to commit crime; share virus, trojan, worm, logic bomb or any other material wey bad, wey go affect technology for bad way, Wey no let person trust dis Website or wetin dey vex people or dey bad; spoil the service; spoil the information; make other people wey dey use the website dey vex; go against anoda person right; send message wey dem no beg you because you wan sell market, many people dey call am “spam”; or try to affect the performance or function of any computer wey dis Website get or wey dem dey take enter dis Website. If you kon try to do any of dis things wey we say make you no do, na criminal offense and dis Website go tell law enforcement and give dem the information wey dem go take sabi you.

You no go talk say na our fault if something lost or spoil because virus or material wey dey spoil technology wey fit affect your computer, equipment, computer program, information or other material because you use dis Website or because you dey download the material wey dey on top am or because of any site wey gum body wit am.

Intellectual Property, Software and Content

The intellectual property right wey dey for all software and content (picture sef follow join) dey available for you on top or inside dis Website na the property of Website or de people wey get am and e dey under copyright law around the world. All dis kain right dey for Website and the people wey get am. You fit save, print and show the content wey dem give you for you own personal use. You no get the right to publish, manipulate, share or copy, in any way, any of the content or copy the content wey dem give you or e just dey on top dis Website and you no fit use any of the content for any business or to sell market.

Terms and Condition of the Online Counseling Service

The Counseling Service na online service wey dem dey give for women who dey think about how to use medicine commot belle or dem get some kain question about make person commot belle. The Counseling Service dey follow international agreement on human right about where to live, health, information, privacy and to benefit from the good things wey science dey do. Dis condition wey we talk na for our Counseling Service:

  • We dey only give information and knowledge about how to commot belle safely wit medicine for women who wan commot dia belle and no mistake our service to mean say we dey tell people to dey commot belle.
  • We no dey give any medicine or we no get place wey person fit use medicine commot belle.
  • The law for your area na im dey guide how people go take commot belle wit medicine and before you decide to commot your belle, e mean say you don confam say you don read and sabi the law for your area about the matter. You fit find shikini tori wey we put together here about the law for your area. Dis information dey for you to sabi and e fit no dey new. We no dey use style tell you say dis information dey very correct and no go dey take am like say na lawyer dey follow you yarn or dey give you advice. As the matter dey go, you sabi and agree say the Counselling Service wey the Website dey give na general information and e no dey possible for us to give you information about the law wey dey for your area wen we dey advise you and for some case the information wey the Website dey give fit no dey correct wit the law for your area or the advice wey doctor give. Unto dat level, e go make sense make you check the information wey our Counsellors give you wit wetin the law for your area talk or wetin the government and medicine people for your area talk and follow dia advice on top the matter.
  • You dey on your own to understand the law about wetin you no suppose to do if any one dey wen, you get information about belle wey dem dey take medicine commot under the law wey dey your area as e take concern you. No be the Website fault for anything wey you face wit the law because of say you use the Counselling Service wey dis Website give.
  • You go share your question wit our Counsellor wen you fill one form, e dey on top the “Contact Us and / or Live chat” section for dis Website.
  • Wen you use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Website, you go need to give us your e-mail address so dat our Counsellor/(s) fit give you the important information wey concern you as you take ask wen we send you e-mail.
  • The “Contact Us and Live chat” section on top the Website dey there to give women who don choose on dia own to find information about belle wey dem take medicine commot and make you no use am anyhow.
  • Any time wey you use the Online Counseling Service, you no go pay any money.
  • E compulsory make you fill one Online Consultation form finish if you wan get our Counselling service.
  • You dey responsible to give us correct and complete information about your health. If you commot some information, you no go let us give you the kain advise wey go dey beta for you.
  • For you to use our live chat and Counseling service, you go need to agree say make we collect and use your personal information as our Privacy Policy and European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) and other laws take talk and take say make we do wen e concern person personal information.
  • We fit share your information wit medicine people or our doctors wey we choose to give you beta ogbonge Counselling service.
  • We dey give the Service as e take be and we no dey give any assurance say our Service go work well well or the type of way wey you take commot the belle. We also no dey give you assurance say the Counsellor service go make sense, dey useful, good or go work on top your matter.

No be we talk am o and no be our fault

We no wan know how the matter be, you no go talk say na dis Website fault if anything lost or spoil, like say you wound or die, because the person dey use dis Website or the Service, anything wey dem put on top the Website, or wey our Counsellor share or any kain yarn between the user of the Website, whether na online o, or offline.

To join body wit dis Website

You fit join to our home page, as long as you no do magomago and e no dey against the law and e no dey spoil reputation or use our status dey do yanga, but no do am like say you and us dey run show together, or say we dey support you if no be so. No go join anoda website to our own wen no be you get am. From anoda website, no go put wahala on top dis Website head or kon join anoda part of dis Website if no be the home page. We get the right to talk say we no want make you join our Website and we no go give you notice.

We deny say na we get the trademark, picture of people and anoda person copyright

Unless we talk am by ourself, all the people (dia name and picture follow join), anoda person trademark and content, service or place wey we show on top dis Website no dey follow dis join body or run show. And make you go believe say dem get connection wit dis Website. Any trademark or name wey we show on top dis website get people wey get dem. Where we talk about trademark or anoda business, we just call dia name just to describe or talk about dia product or service and no be say we dey tell you say make use product or service and no be say we dey tell you say our Website and dem dey run show together

No hold us

You agree to no hold us, to defend and hold harmless Website, e directors, officers, people wey dey work for dem, consultants, and agents even the Counsellors from other people and dia claim about something wey spoil, lost or to pay money (lawyer money join sef and other things) wey come because you use dis Website or you do wetin we talk say make you no do wey we write for the Terms of Service.


Dis Website get the right and as e like fit at any time commot the Service or any page on top dis Website and dem no go give you any notice.


If we no fit force any part of the Terms of Service (even the part wey we no talk about say you no go blame us) to force any other part of the Terms of Service no go dey affected. Every other thing wey we talk for here carry fire for head and e go get effect. As e dey go, even if we commot any part or all the part of anything wey we talk here, that one no mean say the remaining part still no make sense, you suppose see am as e be. You go see the part wey dey as e resemble the original meaning of wetin we talk as law take agree.


We get as we dey take handle complain and we dey settle quanta wen e first happen, abeg, tell us if you get any complain or you wan talk anything.


If you do wetin we say make you no do, and we no take any action, we still get the power to use our right wen you do am again.

The Entire Agreement

The Terms of Service wey dey up dey part of the entire agreement of the people wey dis matter concern and e strong pass any agreement wey dey between you and Website. Any waiver wey fit dey on top the Terms of Service go work if dem write am down and na Director of Website sign am.