RU486 for Abortion: Everything You Need Know

Many abortion medicine full market and dem dey available around the world. RU486 (Mifepristone) dey among the ones wey common pass. Whether you dey concerned about how RU486 dey work, the price, the dosage or where to get am, we hope say dis guide go dey useful. If you get extra question, abeg contact our counsellors and we go dey happy to help.

Wetin be RU486 Abortion Medicine?

RU486 (dem dey call am Mifepristone) na medicine to commot belle wey don reach up to 13 weeks. Mifegyne dey block the hormone wey the belle need to grow. Na plenty different Pharmaceutical company for the world dey produce am wit different names (like Mifegyne, Mifeprex). [1]

How RU486 Dey Work for Abortion?

RU486 dey block the effect of progesterone, wey be natural hormone the belle need to grow. E no go let the belle grow, and e go prepare the uterus to contract and the cervix to soften and dilate. E go start work within 24-48 hours after you don use am.

For abortion, you go combine Mifegyne wit prostaglandin medicine (like Misoprostol, Cytotec, Misotrol), e go help the cervix soften and dilate, and the uterus to contract. [1], [2]

RU486 Dosage

Mifegyne dey come for 200mg medicine, dis na the amount wey dem recommend for belle wey dey under 13 weeks. You go put am for mouth, swallow am. Wait for 24-48 hours after you don use Mifegyne, then use prostaglandin medicine (like Misoprostol, Cytotec, Misotrol). [1], [2]

The amount of prostaglandin wey dem recommend go depend on how long the belle don dey, see wetin dem talk here for more information.

The Dose of Mifegyne and Misoprostol for Women wey dia belle dey Under 9 Weeks: You go need 1 Mifegyne medicine and 4 Misoprostol medicine, and e dey recommended to get extra 4 Misoprostol medicine (na total of 8 Misoprostol medicine).

The Dose of Mifegyne and Misoprostol for Women wey dia belle dey Between 9-13 Weeks: You go need 1 Mifegyne medicine and at least 4 Misoprostol medicine, but dem strongly recommend say make you get extra 4 Misoprostol medicine (na total of 8 Misoprostol medicine) since your belle dey between 9-13 weeks. If e dey hard to get 8 medicine, you fit continue wit only 4 Misoprostol medicine, but e no go work as e suppose work.

Price of RU486

The price of RU486 depend on top the area wey you dey live. Different countries get different laws about abortion, and e fit also affect the price of RU486.

Organizations dey wey dey give the medicine as donation, you fit check Women on Web and Women Help Women for more information about how to get RU486. [4]

How to Take RU486

safe2choose recommend say make you swallow 1 RU486 medicine (200mg) wit water. If you vomit for the first 30 minutes after you don swallow the Mifegyne medicine, e dey likely say the medicine no go work and you go need to take anoda RU486 Medicine.

Wait 24-48 hours after you don take the RU486 medicine, and then use the prostaglandin dose wey dem recommended.

The instructions and the amount the prostaglandin medicine to use depend on how long the belle don dey, find the information wey full ground about am here.

RU486 Side Effect

RU486 fit increase make e be like say person wan vomit like wen person get belle, and e possible say e fit cause abdominal cramping and bleeding. Most times, cramping and bleeding go happen only after you don use prostaglandin medicine wit the RU486 medicine.

Wetin RU486 Abortion Medicine Resemble?

Na plenty different pharmaceutical company dey produce RU486, so, e fit come for different shape and size. E go always be 200mg tablet.

How to Get RU486 Abortion Medicine

RU486 abortion medicine fit dey available but e depend for where you dey live and the abortion law wey dey there.

Dis website dey useful to find where you fit get RU486 for your area [4], or you fit contact our counselors, dem go fit help you find where you fit trust to go buy am.


Na the safe2choose team and other experts wey dey support dem for carafem, base on top the 2020 recommendation by The National Abortion Fund (NAF) and 2019 recommendation by Ipas.

The National Abortion Federation na the professional association of people wey dey do abortion for North America.

carafem dey give comfortable and professional abortion care and family planning so people fit control the number and spacing of dia children.

Ipas na the only international organization wey dey gidigba to dey increase access to safe abortion and contraceptive care.

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