Anonymous, Age: 22

safe2choose staff dey friendly and sweet. Dem keep profile for me so dat any time wey I come back to yarn wit dem, I no need to dey explain myself from beginning again. I no even sure say na the same person I follow yarn all through, but de person talk like say na de same person and she help me well well. The abortion go well. Everything go well, although I fear o because I dey shake like say I go die. My hand and my bodi just dey shake. I wear pad but I no see anything. At first I no even feel anything. But wen I stand up, e rush. Fear catch me. I kon dey feel guilty and I still dey feel guilty, I no know how long the guilt go last. For the first 2 hours, de blood wey I see plenti, and den for 2 weeks, e kon be like say na my period. Sometimes na shikini blood I see, another time, I fit no see anything, or sometime my discharge go brown. Now, na 2 weeks since my abortion, and as I dey type dis tori, my blood don stop finish… well hopefully. My abortion experience go well, but I fear small o!

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