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40% of belle all over the world dem no dey plan am [1]. Women for all over the world dey carry belle wey dem no want, and for different reason, dem fit decide say dem wan commot am. All women, no matter dia race, class, religion or where dem dey live deserve chance for safe abortion.

We dey give correct information about safe abortion option.

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You fit sabi more about abortion wey dem dey use medicine do abi de one wey dem dey go to Clinic to do. Safe2choose experts fit guide you and connect with people wey fit help you.


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The more wey you dey sabi about abortion, the more you go dey prepare. Sabi more about abortion law wey dey your country, wetin other people talk about dia own abortion experience from all over the world, and download wetin go help you get safe abortion.


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COVID-19: Abortion Essentials Kit

Na safe2choose counseling team n aim write am.  As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak happen, healthcare and reproductive service people around the world dey fight to maintain abortion as essential healthcare service and dey make sure say access to abortion services and information dey kampe. For safe2choose, we continue to dey give correct information about safe


See the 6 questions wey people dey ask pass about abortion.

If you get questions about abortion medicine, vacuum aspirations, surgical abortion, or post-abortion care, you fit see the Questions Wey People Dey ask Pass (FAQs). In case you no see wetin dey find or the information wey you need, abeg, sharparly contact us for our counseling page.

Shey Abortion Dey Safe?

Abortion na one of the safest medical procedure if dem do am the right way. Less than 1% na im chance dey say complication fit happen, and complication go commot sharp sharp with the right support. [2]

Which abortion dey okay for me?

Abortion dey available for you but e go depend on top how long the belle don stay. Calculate how long your belle don stay with our Belle calculator, and then you go kon decide which method go beta pass for you. You go need to consider the law wey dey your country about dis method, your budget and wetin you prefer. Go our Abortion with medicine vs. Manual vacuum aspiration abortion page or our Surgical abortion page to sabi more abous dis method.

How much Abortion cost?

The price of abortion different from place to place and e depend on top the method wey you choose. We get correct information about many countries. Check our Abortion Information Per Country page and our Medical Abortion Medicine Brands page to sabi more about wetin dey available for you.

Abortion Dey Pain?

E depend on the abortion method wey you choose. Abortion with medicine be like heavy period and you go fit use Ibuprofen to help with the pain. Na local anesthesia dem dey take do Manual vacuum aspiration abortion. Read more about the difference on top our page Abortion with Medicine vs. Manual vacuum aspiration abortion to guide your choice.

I Fit Get Belle Again After Abortion?

No matter the method, safe abortion no go affect your fertility, and you fit get belle again. Your next ovulation cycle fit start like 8 days after abortion. E dey important say make you start to dey use medicine wey no go let belle enter if you no wan get belle again. Hear wetin your body dey talk, and decide wetin dey good for you. [3]

Which Method go dey good for me?

When you understand the difference wey dey inside the different abortion method, you go fit make decision wey go good for you. You fit read about the 2 main abortion method for belle wey neva reach 13 weeks on top Abortion with medicine vs. Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion page, and you fit talk to our counselors wey go support your decision and dem no go judge you. [3]