Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 26/11/2019

At safe2choose we have compiled the usual questions shared by women facing unwanted pregnancies and going through a safe abortion with pills. If you can’t find what you are looking for then send us an email or chat with one of our trained counselors. We are happy to support you!

Many women realize that they have missed their period. Some start to experience common pregnancy symptoms such as dizziness, cravings for certain foods, morning sickness or weight gain. In any case, it is always necessary to confirm a pregnancy with a pregnancy test. You can take a urine test on the first day that you miss your period but the results will be more accurate if you wait 7 to 10 days.

If you have irregular periods and you do not know when you ovulate, you can do a urine test 14 days after having unprotected sex but for more accurate results it is recommended to wait 21 days so results are por accurate.

Blood tests can be done much earlier and are very accurate. You can get a blood test a week before the date you are expecting your period.

To determine how many weeks pregnant you are you can count the days starting from the first day you had your last period until the current date. This will tell you how many days/weeks pregnant you are. Feel free to contact us if you need help in calculating how many weeks you have. If you do not know when your last period was or you have irregular periods, we suggest that you get an ultrasound or a blood test.

A safe abortion is a simple procedure that does not harm your health, fertility, or put your life in danger. If you are well-informed about how to use abortion pills or if the medical team is trained to do a surgical abortion, abortions are very safe procedures. Like any other medical procedure, both abortion methods involve some risks, but this risk is very low for both types of abortion procedures. If you have any complications from a safe abortion, they are easy to treat and do not permanently affect your health.

Each year, there are about 85 million unplanned pregnancies and more than 40 million abortions are carried out worldwide. Abortion is a common event that takes place everyday.

Each woman is unique and has her own story. Abortion is valid decision when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, regardless of the reason. These are some of the reasons why women have abortions:

I do not feel ready to have a child.

I do not want to be a mother.

I have to take care of the children I already have.

I do not have the financial means to have a/another child.

I do not have access to contraceptive methods.

My partner is controlling and does not let me use contraceptive methods.

My birth control method failed.

I did not have enough information about my body and about sex.

I was raped.

Pregnancy has seriously affected my physical or emotional health.

My pregnancy endangers my life.

You can have an abortion with pills or a surgical abortion. A surgical abortion is a procedure done with instruments that are inserted into the uterus through the vagina to remove the pregnancy. There are different ways to practice a surgical abortion that depend on the gestational age of your pregnancy. Most surgical abortions during the first trimester are vacuum aspiration (also known as suction aspiration).

If you need more information about surgical abortion, contact your health care provider. Be aware that your options depend on the legal status of abortion in your country and the weeks of gestation you have.

Choosing an abortion method depends on the available options in your country as well as how many weeks gestation you have.

If you have the option of choosing between an abortion with pills and a surgical abortion, you can compare the benefits of each method:

Abortion pills:

-It is a more natural process because it seems like having a heavy period or a spontaneous abortion (a miscarriage)

-It can be a more private process because you can have an abortion with pills in your own home

-You have more control over the process because you take the pills and have to be aware of your own body and symptoms

–It is less invasive; no instruments are inserted into your vagina

-8 or 9 out of 10 women will have a successful abortion

Surgical abortion:

-It is faster (when you leave the clinic you won’t be pregnant anymore, while an abortion with pills takes up to 15 days to complete)

-9 out of 10 women will have a successful abortion

-There are less days of bleeding

-It can be performed during later stages of pregnancy.

Safe abortion will not decrease or affect in any way your fertility. In fact, you can get pregnant again as soon as 8 days after using abortion pills.

There is no scientific evidence that abortion pills complicate the possibility of becoming pregnant in the future. You can get pregnant again as soon as 8 days after using abortion pills.

Abortion pills are very safe and effective with early pregnancies. What they essentially do is cause a miscarriage. There are two effective methods: 1) a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol and 2) Misoprostol only.

Mifepristone is specifically used to cause an abortion in combination with Misoprostol. Mifepristone blocks the flow of progesterone in order to stop the development of pregnancy. Just like Misoprostol, Mifepristone appears on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.

Misoprostol is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. It is registered for a number of different medical conditions, one of them being to safely induce an abortion. Misoprostol causes contractions in the uterus that expel the pregnancy.

No. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol must be manufactured, stored and distributed carefully to retain their effectiveness. If these medications are not made or handled properly its active ingredient may be weakend and therefore decrease the chances of having a successful abortion.

No. If the abortion pills worked correctly you will not need any extra procedure. If the pills did not work, contact us immediately to assess your case and explore safe options to complete the abortion process.

No. There is no scientific evidence that abortion pills decrease your chances of getting pregnant in the future or that you might have future pregnancy complications, such as birth defects. Abortion pills are safe to use and do not negatively affect your health.

All medical procedures have some level of risk. Having an abortion with pills has a very low risk level, but it is important to know the possible complications that could arise in order to identify them and receive medical care if needed. Although rare, complications include infection or excessive bleeding (hemorrhaging), both easily treatable if you seek medical care in a timely fashion.

Mifepristone blocks the flow of progesterone, a hormone needed for pregnancy development. Misoprostol causes contractions in the uterus so it can expel the content. It is possible to have an abortion just using Misoprostol, but Mifepristone enhances the effects of Misoprostol and using the combination of the two medications has higher success rates. It is not possible to have an abortion using Mifepristone only.

Regardless of whether you use Misoprostol only or a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, you will experience a similar process that always includes bleeding and cramping. Bleeding will be more abundant than your regular period. Cramping varies from woman to woman ranging from moderate to intense.

If you use the combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol you will need the following: 1 Mifepristone pill and 4 Misoprostol pills. Sometimes it can be good to have extra Misoprostol pills (safe2choose provides 4 extra Misoprostol pills). These are the amount of pills you need if you are no more than 10 weeks pregnant.

If you are using Misoprostol only, you will need the following: 12 Misoprostol pills total. Using 12 pills of Misoprostol is not dangerous for your health. This protocol is recommended by the World Health Organization. If you do not use 12 pills it is likely that you will have an incomplete abortion.

Mifepristone should be swallowed with water as any other pill. However, Misoprostol is a drug that must be absorbed into your system. You may use it via bucal administration (placed between your cheek and gums) or sublingually (placed underneath the tongue). You must keep the Misoprostol pills there for 30 minutes (the time is takes to absorb into your system). Once the 30 minutes has passed, you can swallow the remains with water. During the 30 minutes in which the pills must remain in your mouth, do not drink or eat anything. You can swallow saliva as long as you do not swallow the pills. Misoprostol can also be absorbed in the vagina, but it is easy for medical personnel to find the pills there in the event that you need to seek medical attention.

The bleeding will vary for each woman because each body will react differently to abortion pills.

Overall, the bleeding will be heavier than your normal period and may contain clots (some even the size of a small lemon depending on how many weeks pregnant you are) and tissue.

The blood should be the same color and odor as your regular period.

The duration of the bleeding varies for each person. Overall, you will experience heavy bleeding in the first 24 hours after using Misoprostol (the average is heavy bleeding for 12 hours, usually less). Bleeding will then decrease, but it can continue anywhere between 2-4 weeks after taking abortion pills. This bleeding that may persists will be less abundant than your regular period, like spotting.

The side effects that you will experience will be a result of the Misoprostol as Mifepristone almost never causes any visible symptoms. After using Misoprostol you should always experience bleeding and cramping- these are considered the two main symptoms. In addition, some women (not all) may experience the following side effects:

-a fever of 38 degrees celsius (should not last more than 12 hours)


-nausea and/or vomiting



All side effects are temporary and will decrease after about 12 hours or so afte using Misoprostol. The bleeding can last about 15 days or more, but will not be abundant after the first 24 hours (bleeding should decrease, not increase).

Yes, but you should only use Ibuprofen. We highly recommend taking a dose of 800 mg of Ibuprofen 30 minutes before using Misoprostol. After, you can take a dose of 400 mg every 6 to 8 hours, but no more than five doses in 24 hours. It is very important not to take medication specifically for menstrual cramps because they interfere with the effects of Misoprostol and will prevent your body from expelling the pregnancy. You should not take aspirin because it can interfere with the bleeding process. The most common names for Ibuprofen are Advil, Nurofen and Motrin (for pediatric use).

People around you will not be able to tell that you are having an abortion with pills just by looking at you. An abortion with pills can be like a very heavy period, therefore it is easy to believe that you are simply having an intense period with heavy bleeding and cramping.

If you use the pills orally, either bucal (between the gums and cheeks) or sublingual (under the tongue), doctors will not be able to detect that you used them. There is no examination, analysis or study they can do that varifies that you used abortion pills. If they tell you they have a way to find out, this is simply to frighten you into telling them you used abortion pill. You do not have to tell them you used abortion pills because your symptoms will be the same as those of a miscarriage. If you used the pills vaginally, it is likely that doctors will find remains of the pills or a white paste from where the pills dissolved. This is why vaginal administration is not recommended if abortion is restricted in your country.

It is very common to find conflicting information on the Internet. There are many websites that have false and bias information because they are against abortion and want to prevent women from having them. Our information is based off scientific studies and recommendations from international health institutions such as the World Health Organization and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It is very important that if you’re reading different information about abortion protocols that you only follow one protocol. If you mix different protocols the procedure will be less effective.

Most women are candidates to use abortion pills. There are a few reasons why you would not be a candidate to use abortion pills. These reasons include: allergies to Mifepristone or Misoprostol, having an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy that is growing outside of the uterus), or other serious health conditions (such as Porphyria or Chronic Kidney disease also known as Chronic Renal disease that which you would need to discuss with a doctor before using abortion pills).

Before using abortion pills it is important that you take out the IUD. Once it has been removed, you can use abortion pills.

If you are anemic you can use abortion pills but it is very important that you are no more than 30 minutes away from a hospital that can assist you 24 hours a day. Depending on the severity of your anemia, some women can experience problems with bleeding. If this happens you should seek medical attention immediately (within 30 minutes of experience excessive bleeding).

Yes, you can use abortion pills as long as your health is not in a declining state and you generally feel healthy.

If you had a c-section in the past you may still use abortion pills.

Misoprostol may be present in breast milk for 3 or 4 hours after taking it and therefore cause your baby to have diarrhea.

If you are using Mifepristone and Misoprostol, you can breastfeed normally after using Mifepristone. When it is time for you to use Misoprostol you should breastfeed before doing so. Once you used Misoprostol, wait 4 hours before breastfeeding again. After 4 hours Misoprostol will no longer be present in your breast milk.

If you are using Misoprostol only you can breastfeed before taking the first dose of 4 pills; wait 4 hours and breastfeed before using the second dose of 4 pills. After using the second dose, wait 4 hours, breastfeed and then use the last dose of 4 pills. You can breastfeed again 4 hours after the last dose.

You can use abortion pills if you are a young woman as age is not a determining factor for the effectiveness of the pills. You will not need less pills because you are younger, you will need the same amount of pills as the protocol calls for.

Yes, you can use the abortion pills as often as you need. There is no risk associated with having more than one abortion with abortion pills.

Some women are able to tell when they expel the pregnancy by identifying a blood clot or sac that may be significantly larger than the rest of the tissue being expelled. Some women cannot tell because they had a very early pregnancy. If you had the expected symptoms, it is not necessary to confirm with a test that you are not pregnant anymore. Get in touch with us if you are not sure whether or not your abortion was succeesful

Again, it is important to wait at least 15 days before getting an ultrasound because during this time your body is still in the abortion process. If you get an ultrasound before 15 days has passed, it is likely that you will get flase results and the doctor could recommend intervention (such as a surgical abortion) although you body is still expelling the pregnancy by itself.

After an abortion the pregnancy hormones can still exist in your body as they do not go away immediately. For this reason urine and blood test can give you false positive results.

Urine pregnancy tests or blood tests after having an abortion with pills are not accurate because your body still has pregnancy hormones. If you use a pregnancy test during the first 2 weeks after an abortion with pills it is likely to give you a false positive result, even if the abortion was successful. You should wait at least 3-4 weeks before doing a urine or blood test.

If you feel very anxious you can do a blood test one week after using the pills and then repeat the test 2 or 3 days later to compare hormone levels. If the abortion was successful the hormone levels should be lower in the second test.

Urine or blood tests can not tell you if you had an incomplete abortion, so the best method is to have an ultrasound.

It is not necessary to get an ultrasound after an abortion with pills if you had all the expected symptoms and everything went normally. If you still want to get an ultrasound regardless, it is important to wait at least 2 weeks (15 days) before doing so. If you do not wait at least 15 days the doctor may see tissue left in your uterus and recommend that you get a surgical abortion although this is uneccessary as the abortion is still taking place and your body is expelling the rest of the tissue inside your womb. Remember that an abortion with pills requires around 15 days to complete.

If you do not bleed during the 24 hours after having used Misoprostol, it is important that you contact us immediately. It is possible that Misoprostol did not work and you have to repeat the procedure.

If you used Mifepristone and Misoprostol and you did not bleed (or bleeding was very light) after using Misoprostol, you may use an extra dose of 2 tablets of Misoprostol 3 hours after the first dose. In the next 3 hours after taking the extra dose you still have no bleeding (or bleeding is very light) take an additional dose of 2 Misoprostol pills.

If you just used Misoprostol and did not bleed or bleeding was very light, you must repeat the entire proces again 72 hours later. This means you must wait 72 hours and start the process over again: 12 pills (4 tablets every 4 hours, 3 times).

If you used abortion pills but they did not work, contact us.

It is recommended that you rest the day you use Misoprostol, but how much you need to rest is up to how you are feeling. After taking abortion pills it is important that during the next two weeks you avoid the following physical activitiy: lifting, pulling or pushing heavy things, exercising and exessive walking. Intense physical exertion can cause bleeding to increases when it should decrease.

It is important to take certain precautions during and after the abortion. For 1 or 2 weeks after taking abortion pills it is recommend that you do not have sex. This is because Misoprostol slightly dilates the entrance of your cervix and this makes you more susceptible to infection. If you can not avoid having sex within the first 2 weeks, it is important to use a condom to prevent infections.

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the future is to find contraceptive method that works best for you. We encourage you visit your nearest healthcare center to learn more about what options are available for you.

Although for each person it is different, on average your period will return in between 4 to 6 weeks after using abortion pills. Some women may see that their periods are delayed, but this does not indicate a problem.

It is important to know that although it could take longer for your period to return, you can actually start to ovulate as soon as 8 days after taking abortion pills. This means that it is possible to become pregnant 8 days after using abortion pills if you have unprotected sex.

safe2choose is a social enterprise whose mission is to provide access to abortion pills and support women to have safe abortions. We are a group of women dedicated to reproductive rights and access to safe abortion. You can always get in touch with us to talk about your doubts. We are available in live chat or email.

Another way to tell that safe2choose is not a fraud is that we do not only offer access to abortion pills but also information and support to any women who visits our website and contacts us. In doing so we hope to gain your trust and support you during your abortion process.

The price varies for each country, but the average price is $65 USD plus shipping fees. Contact us so we can tell you the price for your country

safe2choose charges for the abortion pills to help as many women as we can. When people pay for our services they are helping us sustain our work and help other women who cannot pay for the services. We understand that not all people have the means to pay for the pills and we do our best to support each client, regardless of their financial situation.

At the moment we can only accept credit or debit card payments.

Our packages are discreet and do not have a safe2choose logo on them.

On average, shipping can take anywhere from 7-15 days, but this varies greatly depending on where you are in the world. We will always be honest about shipping information we have on your country. We will notify you if it is the first time distribution will ship abortion pills to your country and also if we have experienced difficulties in the past shipping to your country. Please understand that once your abortion pills are shipped we have very little control over what will happen (whether there will be delays, issues with customs, taxes, etc.) but with time we gather more experience and can better predict what will happen. We can assure you that if there are any issue with your shipment we will ship again or help you find other options.

Some countries, like the USA and the UK, have very strict regulations on sending medication over the mail. This is why we cannot facilitate access to certain countries.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide access to abortion pills in the United States because of its shipping rules and regulations on sending medication over the mail. Other legitimate organizations similar to safe2choose are also not able to provide access to the USA. Be cautious when looking for online companies that claim they can ship abortion pills to the USA. Somes of the websites are fake, sell poor quality pills, and others might sell you the right pills but without adaquate information on how to use them or guidance throughout the process. If you are from the USA and would like to learn more about local options, contact us.

You can contact us through live chat which you will find on our website or write us an email at

Unfortunately we do not have WhatsApp or a phone number. In some cases we are able to call clients if we need immediate information about their order, but clients cannot call us.

We do not have a physical location. We are an international team with people working in different parts of the world to promote safe abortion with pills. This is all done online and we help facilitate access to abortion pills that are sent through mailing services.

We work with different distribution centers in different parts of the world to optimize the shipping experience.

We are staying available to support you with your abortion during COVID-19.

We are closely monitoring the situation of coronavirus globally and will keep updating our information and services.

We advise our readers to:

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