#trustwomen: We must remember the forgotten women of Northern Ireland

  There has been a substantial amount of media coverage across the United Kingdom on the issues surrounding outdated human rights laws in Northern Ireland. These issues have gained increasing scrutiny as a result of the partnership between the Conservative… Read more »

Pakistan’s abortion law and Human Rights Concerns

Author’s introduction:Dr Sana Durvesh has been working in Pakistan’s development sector since 2008 and has a wealth of experience in both clinical work and public health programming. A medical doctor by profession, she is currently working as Senior Program Manager… Read more »

Fighting Gender-Based Violence: The Many Forms of Activism

  This week, HowToUse and safe2choose are joining forces alongside global leaders in reproductive rights for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. And make no mistake: the systemic denial of a pregnant person’s right to a safe abortion… Read more »

EXTRA! South Korea brings back abortion ban and forces women to populate the country

  By Bora Chung (Twitter: @tantra_algrab)   Not too long ago, South Korea used to have government-sanctioned “abortion buses” running in the countryside. In rural areas with no ready access to abortion clinics, they would provide women with the required… Read more »

Criminalizing Abortion Is Violence Against Women

  November 25th marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. On December 10th the world celebrates Human Rights Day. Women’s rights advocates have leveraged the power of those two neighboring dates to create the 16 Days… Read more »

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Originally posted by Catholics For Choice. November 7, 2018 His Holiness, Pope Francis Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City Dear Pope Francis, As abortion providers and organizations that advocate for a woman’s right to choose, we were disturbed by your comments… Read more »