Ending Abortion Stigma: Role of Media

  Media has a critical role to play in ending abortion stigma. By framing messages in a stigmatising language, media are often perpetuating myths and stereotypes that can contribute to abortion stigma.  In June 2019, the High Court of Kenya… Read more »

HowToUseAbortionPill.org and their role for safe abortion

What is HowToUseAbortionPill.org’s role in the promotion of safe abortion? We share information and resources for safe medical abortion in 24 languages. We explain how medical abortion works, the names of the pills and how to use them safely, what… Read more »

Nigeria, 22 years old

safe2choose came through for me when I had no hope and guided me safely. During my abortion, the first day was excruciating but afterwards, it was calm and peaceful. Generally great. They saved my life and my dignity.

Juana, 18 años, Chile

Aquí va mi historia. Soy una chica de 18 años, literalmente mi vida sexual comenzó el día que los cumplí, soy una estudiante de Medicina, y mis padres se han esforzado tanto por mí que no los quería decepcionar (mi… Read more »

Why is access to safe abortion fundamental?

Why is reproduction our choice and access to safe abortion fundamental? @JamshoroRdf (Twitter) No to abortion discrimination and access to safe abortion would be fundamental right. @Sally Mboumien (Facebook) Society should take away the feminine mould. Pourquoi la santé reproductive… Read more »


I had an unwanted pregnancy and the first thing that came to mind was to look for a solution on the internet. Within the first search results I found safe2choose. I had doubts about contacting them, but I decided to… Read more »