Alexandra, 29 años, México

  En mi caso aborté porque era un embarazo de alto riesgo y empezó a afectar mi salud. No deben sentirse mal por la razón que lo hagan, es su cuerpo y ustedes toman la decisión. Lo hice con pastillas…. Read more »

Letter to partners: Announcing the end of Fem’s operations in South Africa

Dear Partners, We regret to inform you that Fem will no longer be in operation in South Africa as of March 31, 2018. Fem was launched in March 2017 in South Africa and is powered by safe2choose, an international social… Read more »

YouTube Censorship: safe2choose account is suspended for promoting safe abortion information and access

One month since YouTube arbitrarily suspended the accounts of leading pro-choice organizations (only to go back on its decision a few days later), the social media platform has targeted another reproductive rights advocate: safe2choose, a social enterprise that connects women… Read more »

The “100 years for safe abortion access” campaign

Access to safe abortion options has constantly been a challenge all over the world. It’s hard to tell when women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights started being threatened and denied, or if even our body autonomy was ever respected…. Read more »

What is Fem and how can you use it?

By Dineo Mokwena Fem by safe2choose is a mobile platform that provides women with information and access to their sexual health needs. Fem particularly focuses on the termination of pregnancy in South Africa as a large number of women are still… Read more »

What can I do to prevent my community from backdoor abortions?

By Dineo Mokwena One day you may walk down the road and not see the same young girl you saw everyday, coming from school for the past three years at the same time. You may wonder what happened to her… Read more »