Abortion rights: a personal experience leading to Fem

Working in the ‘not for profit sector’ in South Africa exposed me to a myriad of issues. It opened my eyes to realities that show the resilience of the human spirit and dire situations. I began to understand that everything is interlinked and that no issues need to take a back seat when all hands…

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Spreading Plan C to End Pregnancy

After lunch on a Saturday in late January at her home in Los Angeles, Francine Coeytaux, 63, an abortion rights activist, retrieved a Priority Mail envelope from her office and announced to her guests, a group of young women she had recruited to her cause, the results of a recent experiment. “A couple weeks ago,…

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How to have an abortion when you’re in Ireland

Please notice the information below was kindly compiled by the blog Feminist Ire on April 2017. If you’re looking for updated guidance, please contact our counselors directly at info@safe2choose.org. (A Rough Guide to Ireland – Part 1) So you’re pregnant and you don’t want to be. What next? First things first – commiserations on finding yourself…

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Reproductive apps – creative solutions to the global gag rule

Global crises surrounding refugees, famine and climate change are on the rise, but so are grassroots solutions aimed at helping at-risk populations. As we discussed last week on this blog, there are already many tech solutions being implemented in Africa to help combat famine. Another hot button issue is the implementation of the Mexico City…

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Pardon our dust! How Fem is growing in South Africa

Credit: Creative Commons It has been just over one month since Fem launched in Gauteng. Our goal has always been to provide women across South Africa with the information they need to obtain safe, legal abortion care. We started in Gauteng for a few reasons: it’s where our staff is located, it’s where many of…

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10 Facts About the 10-Week-After Pill

  Source: carafem.org If you’re a frequent reader (which we hope you are!), you may have seen our 10-Week-After Pill campaign that ran on bus shelters, a truck driving around DC, mobile, and social media ads. Due to the confusion and misunderstanding about what the abortion pill is, and the benefits it provides, we’ve worked…

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Safe abortion closer for South African women: the countdown to launch

Only a few days away from officially launching our mHealth tool in South Africa, we could not be more pleased with the progress we have made. Countdown with us! FIVE: Focus Group Testing! This past week we conducted our first round of focus group testing. Our SMS platform was used in real-time by real people,…

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