Our never-ending #BlackProtest


Standing up for Polish women’s rights Black Mondays are usually signs of turbulence and often unavoidable wake up calls that follow a series of thoughtless decisions.On October 3rd, 2016, such a Monday was more than necessary for Polish women to protest a Christian group’s attempt to remove their reproductive rights. It was preceded by a six month…

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Gathering the troops to improve access to safe abortion for young women in Eastern Africa


Reproductive health organizations from Eastern Africa are discussing challenges and ways to improve access to safe abortion in the region. At safe2choose, we could not miss the opportunity to working collaboratively towards connecting more and more women to accurate information and safe procedures. In order to fully achieve this, a lot has to happen behind…

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On International Safe Abortion Day, “we learned how to love ourselves”

On September 28th, 2017, many people around the world concerned with women’s rights attended events for the International Safe Abortion Day. Besides participating in a global campaign articulated by respected international and local organizations, safe2choose also decided to join a smaller discussion group in Mathare, an informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya, to understand the daily struggles faced by local women.  The…

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Global Campaign Answers: International Safe Abortion Day 2017


In honor of the International Safe Abortion Day, we’ve invited several organizations to answer this simple question: Why must safe abortion be available to all women worldwide? Read their different responses along with special artwork created by safe2choose. Each response is shown in their respective language: Ipas México: La Revuelta, Colectiva Feminista: Porque es incondicional…

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How a young group of artists opened the debate on safe abortion in Gauteng


What would be more powerful than art to express the feeling of a whole community? The deepest transformations of a society always come from emotional reactions, and art has the power to spark up these feelings and start conversations. To help talk about a sensitive subject and advocate for the importance of safe abortions in…

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Let’s work together to take action on safe abortion access globally!


On International Safe Abortion Day, safe2choose invited worldwide organizations to join efforts in raising awareness about the importance of providing access to safe abortion to all women. Every year, over 56 million abortions are carried on. Most of these women are denied the right to dignity and non-judgmental care. This is why we are calling…

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In today’s movement toward home abortions, echoes of past cultural battles

‘The cultural atmosphere [today is] way worse than the atmosphere that the underground service worked in during the ‘68 to ‘73 period,’ says a former ‘Jane,’ who helped women obtain abortions before Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. July 5, 2017 Los Angeles—In the fall of 1970, a schoolteacher named Judith Arcana walked into a meeting…

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