How abortion stigma is exposing medical students to risky behaviors in Uganda


Sex is a reality, and we are proud to be sex-positive. As long as people are engaging in consensual experiences, safe2choose encourages and supports it. We do so by sharing accurate and stigma-free information, as well as facilitating access to safe abortion methods.   True autonomy comes with deep understanding of your options, your risks…

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Over 200 Sexual Reproductive Right’s NGOs Call for Polish Parliament to Protect Women’s Health and Rights


Proposed “Stop Abortion” Bill Continues Roll Back on Reproductive Rights Poland’s Parliament should listen to the voices of women across Poland and reject a regressive legislative proposal that would erode reproductive rights, over 200 human and women’s rights groups from across the globe said in a statement issued today. The Parliament is debating a draft…

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What is Fem and how can you use it?


By Dineo Mokwena Fem by safe2choose is a mobile platform that provides women with information and access to their sexual health needs. Fem particularly focuses on the termination of pregnancy in South Africa as a large number of women are still seeking backdoor abortions which lead to lifelong complications or death. The intervention cannot stop here…

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What can I do to prevent my community from backdoor abortions?


By Dineo Mokwena One day you may walk down the road and not see the same young girl you saw everyday, coming from school for the past three years at the same time. You may wonder what happened to her but not ask questions because she’s not your friend. She’s a total stranger, but you…

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Special Delivery: Abortion Pills By Mail


By: Elisa Wells When my mail carrier handed me the small brown envelope, I’m sure she had no idea she was handing me the means to have a safe, private abortion at home. I had ordered the pills a week and a half earlier off a somewhat sketchy website and, frankly, was wondering if they…

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Shaping minds in Uganda: starting a debate on abortion with medical students of Kampala


Analyzing the situation in Uganda When looking into addressing issues around abortion globally, connecting with local partners is one of safe2choose’s main instruments. We believe that working with those who have the knowledge and the expertise of their own countries is the best way to raise awareness and to find ways of improving access to…

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