Why we should all care about the rise in restrictive abortion laws around the globe

Although each nation’s abortion laws are unique, the rise in restriction on abortions has consequences for women all across the globe. Read more about the transnational consequences of this trend here:

By Belinda Munyeza. Over the last few decades, global abortion laws have changed, with the world at large seeing an increase in the liberalization of abortion laws. According to the Council on Foreign Relations (2019), there are only six countries in the world now that do not permit abortions under any circumstances. However, in more…

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The impact of restrictive abortion laws on abortion statistics

Strict abortion laws impede on the collection of data surrounding abortions. In order to have accurate statistics, legislation needs to encourage safe abortion options, which will improve upon abortion data. Read more about it here:

By Belinda Munyeza. In many parts of the world, laws on some level restrict abortions. This has affected the accuracy of abortion statistics recorded world-wide. In some countries, because of restrictions imposed by abortion laws, this limits the collection of abortion data itself. But even in countries that receive frequent data from abortion clinics on…

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What women in South Africa need to know about the costs of an abortion

When deciding which abortion method to choose, cost can play a large role in the process. This blog highlights the range in pricing for abortion services in the Southern Africa region.

By Belinda Munyeza. Abortion costs (as well as accessibility to information about them) vary across Africa depending on the region and the legal restrictions set in place. In Southern Africa—South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, and Angola—legal medical and in-clinic abortions cost between US$20 and US$380. Illegal procedures cost much less to perform initially…

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Access to Abortions is a Reproductive and a Human Right

We all deserve comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Healthcare, including access to abortions and post-abortion care. Not only is overall care a reproductive right, but it is also a fundamental right.

By Kylie Kiunguyu Rights and freedoms are inseparable Rights and freedoms are interlinked; you cannot give a woman access to partial reproductive healthcare if she is to take complete advantage of the social, educational, political, and economic opportunities around her. Let’s take Carol*, a teen secondary school student from an average low-income household. In her…

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Looking for an abortion clinic in South Africa? Here’s what you need to know

There are many providers in South Africa who purport to provide means to a safe abortion for women. However, many of them offer unsafe measures and it is important that women know the difference between this and what can be found in safe abortion clinics.

By Dineo Mokwena Once a woman has decided to have an abortion, the process should not be challenging. Unfortunately, because of stigma, restrictive legislation, and limited resources, finding a safe abortion clinic is not an effortless task. It is important to know what to look for when seeking safe abortion services in South Africa, as…

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Viable Abortion Methods by Gestational Age |safe2choose|

The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful abortionl age when deciding on which abortion method can make the difference between a successful abortion procedure and an unsuccessful abortion.

By Marie- Simone Often, trimesters and the different gestational ages come up during discussions about pregnancy expectations, but equally important is the conversation surrounding the different trimesters and appropriate abortion methods. The most suitable abortion method for you will depend on the gestational age of your pregnancy and your specific needs, although the accessibility of…

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Abortion in Zimbabwe

Talking more about abortion in Zimbabwe will help educate women, thus allowing them to combat the associated stigma and advocate for access to abortions.

By Marie – Simone. Similar to many countries in the region, and the world, the conversation surrounding abortion in Zimbabwe has often lived beneath the surface. Strict legislation, coupled with cultural beliefs that project the concept of purity onto women, means that when abortion is brought up, it is often in relation to a backstreet…

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