This Study Should End The Debate About Whether Women Regret Having Abortions

According to a new study that tracked hundreds of women who had abortions, more than 95 percent of participants reported that ending a pregnancy was the right decision for them. Feelings of relief outweighed any negative emotions, even three years after the procedure. Researchers examined both women who had first-trimester abortions and women who had…

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Chilean women are fighting back with YouTube “Termination Tips.”

Safe and legal abortion in Chile

Abortion has been illegal in Chile since 1989. In a new series of satirical YouTube videos, some Chilean women are taking a bold stance on their country’s laws. Called “Termination Tips,” the videos are pretty dark. They recommend different ways for women to get an “accidental abortion,” the only form that is currently legal in the…

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South Africa: Abortion clinics targeted

Durban – The KwaZulu-Natal health MEC has vowed to root out illegal abortion “clinics” in the province to save young mothers from unscrupulous practitioners who prey on vulnerable, pregnant young women. During his budget presentation at the legislature on Wednesday, Dhlomo said pregnant young women were putting their lives at risk by opting for the…

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Mexico to Paraguay: Let a 10-year-old girl have an abortion

Abortion procedure

Maria was just 12 years old when she arrived at the Marie Stopes clinic in Mexico City. Raped by her grandfather, she was already 19 weeks pregnant. Frightened and overwhelmed, she had been hospitalised for five days with no resolution and time was ticking to safely end the pregnancy. The problem wasn’t the law –…

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Salvador: extreme abortion ban

El Salvador Flag

In El Salvador, 17 women are currently in jail because they faced complications with their pregnancies in the past. This is the result of one of the most extreme abortion bans in the world. Want to help? Check out the “Take action” call promoted by International Planned Parenthood Federation/WHR and make your voice heard.

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Women in Instanbul facing barriers to access safe and legal abortion

Turkey Flag

Abortion is legal in Turkey since 1983. However, activists from the Purple Roof women’s shelter in Istanbul have found that only three out of 37 state hospitals agreed to provide non-emergency terminations, of which only one offered abortions between the eighth and 10th week of gestation. Want to read the full article?  Visit:

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World´s abortion laws map- 2015

Abortion in 2015 worldwide

Did you know that 74 countries worldwide allow abortion on broad grounds or without restriction?  Find out more on this virtual map produced by  the Center for Reproductive Rights.   You can visually compare the legal status of induced abortion in different countries and regions.

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Spain wants to restrict access to abortion for minors

The debate on abortion in Spain is not over.  Young women from Spain may have to get parental consent to access safe and legal abortion if an ammendment to the current abortion law is approved in 2015. Learn more about the restrictive policies being promoted by the PP -political party in power:

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