Do I need an ultrasound to confirm the abortion pills were successful?

An ultrasound is not required after a pill abortion. While it can sometimes be helpful to confirm the process was successful, it can sometimes also be used to diagnose a woman with an “incomplete abortion” if blood and clot is still seen inside the uterus. This is often a normal finding on ultrasound for a…

Do the abortion pills get less effective if you use them again in the future?

The abortion pills do not become less effective [1] if you have used them for a past pregnancy, and desire to do so again for a current pregnancy. There is the same likelihood that they will be effective during subsequent uses. Sources [1] Women on Web. Is it safe to have an abortion with pills…

How can I manage pain associated with the abortion pills?

Ibuprofen is available for purchase in most countries, and this is the recommended medication to use for the pain and cramping. You can use 3-4 (200mg) ibuprofen tablets every 6-8 hours for pain. Tylenol can also be used, 2 (325 mg tablets) of tylenol every 4-6 hours for pain. Heating pads or massaging the lower…

What if I bleed too much after taking the abortion pills?

Vaginal bleeding [1] is normal with the abortion pills, but it is advised to monitor your bleeding. If you soak through 2 regular pads per hour for 2 hours in a row (ie 4 soaked pads in 2 hours) after you think you passed the pregnancy, this is considered very heavy bleeding, and you should…

Do women always bleed after using the abortion pills?

The intended effects of the abortion pills are to cause bleeding and cramping [1], thus ending an undesired pregnancy. If you do not bleed after using the abortion pills, it is likely that they did not work and you are still pregnant. Sources [1] Gynuity. Providing medical abortion in low-resource settings An Introductory Guidebook. Second…

How long will I bleed after using the abortion pills?

It is normal to have bleeding [1] on and off for 3-4 weeks after using the abortion pills. Your period may be irregular for the first month or two afterward due to the procedure. Sources [1] Gynuity. Providing medical abortion in low-resource settings An Introductory Guidebook. Second Edition. 2009. Retrieved from:

Can I drink alcohol during the medical abortion procedure?

It is advised to avoid alcohol [1] while using the abortion pills. Alcohol can effect your ability to think clearly while using the abortion pills, and it could also interfere with medications used for pain or infection (if complications occur). Sources [1] Women on Web. Can you eat or drink while you are taking the…

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