How do I know safe2choose is a real organization?

We understand that it is difficult to trust a website, especially because there is a lot of contradictory and differing information on the Internet. We want you to know that safe2choose is committed to increase access to accurate information so… Read more »

Where is safe2choose located?

We do not have a physical location. We have an international team based in different parts of the world, but our operations are entirely online. We utilize technology to reach as many women as possible.

Do you have a phone number or WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, we do not have a phone number, nor WhatsApp. You can contact us via email and live chat. We make sure these platforms are confidential and safe for you to communicate with us.

Is abortion dangerous?

When a medical or a surgical abortion are done properly they are very safe procedures. The risk of having a complication is less than 1% for medical abortion and around 1% for surgical abortion. If you experience a complication after… Read more »

What are the risks associated with abortion pills?

Less than 1% of women that use abortion pills experience a complication. When they do the most common are hemorrhage (excessive bleeding) or infection. If you get medical care on time, a hemorrhage or an infection can be treated easily… Read more »