Can I swallow the abortion pills?

The only effective way to use Mifepristone is by swallowing it. However, swallowing Misoprostol (oral route of administration) is not effective. It is unlikely misoprostol will cause an abortion if you swallow it. Click here to know how to use… Read more »

Can I use abortion pills vaginally?

The only effective way to use Mifepristone is by swallowing it. Misoprostol can be used effectively in 3 different ways: Sublingual Buccal Vaginal When used sublingualy, Misoprostol pills should be placed under your tongue for 30 minutes. During that time… Read more »

Can I use Misoprostol that comes with Diclofenac?

There are pills that contain Misoprostol and Diclofenac, one of the most common brand names of this medication is Oxaprost. If you bought this combined medication consider the following: If you use the pills sublingual or buccaly you should not… Read more »

Can I eat during the procedure?

You can eat and drink normally during the medical abortion. The only time it is not recommended to eat or drink is the 30 minutes while you have Misoprostol pills in your mouth. This is to avoid swallowing the pills… Read more »

Do I need to use antibiotics during the abortion?

It is not mandatory, nor necessary to use antibiotics during a medical abortion. Some people recommend to use antibiotics to prevent infections after using abortion pills, however this is not necessary in most cases. Remember the risk of getting an… Read more »

Can I breastfeed while using abortion pills?

It is perfectly safe for you and your baby to continue breastfeeding while using abortion pills. It is up to you if you feel comfortable breastfeeding during the procedure or if you prefer to stop while having the most intense… Read more »