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South Korea

I really had no clue what to expect with an online company that helps you with such a sensitive situation, but it exceeded my expectations by far. General information was given and every outcome and what to expect was covered. When I had concerns, I was responded to via email within 24hrs (of course I…

South Korea

You guys were very helpful throughout the entire process and made me feel way better about the process. My abortion was indeed painful for the first two hours but the pain diminished very soon and I was back to my normal life the next day.

South Korea

Their instructions were pretty straightforward and I also had an abortion prior. Overall, they made me feel better about the process. I would just suggest they provide more language options.

South Korea

My experience with safe2choose was very straight forward. The easiest way to contact them was via their website chat but they responded to my emails as well. If I had to choose again I’d prefer to be in a country, first of all, where abortion is legal and I could have access to a surgical…

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