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United Arab Emirates | new arab

They stayed with me throughout the entire process, start to finish. They didn’t leave me and helped me understand that I didn’t need to fear anything because they would support me. I found that to be very comforting and relaxing as this was my first time and my fear level was very high. I recommend…


It is very soothing and comforting to know that organizations like safe2choose have got your back. The moment I read their response to my email, I already felt so relieved and felt like they were by my side, telling me everything is going to be alright. They gave me the assurance that they would be…


The counselors were constantly checking up on me and they cared about whether my physical and mental health were good during the abortion, for which I am very grateful for. The process was painful, but one is able to get through it with the necessary support. Personally, the pain was very intense that I was…


safe2choose was an option that appeared on my online search results to have a safe abortion. I visited their website and they convinced me, so I decided to send them an email.


Philippines Age: | September 29, 2017 Anonymus A friend told me about safe2choose so I decided to contact them through their online consultation. Everything was easy, and the counselors were there for me, they treated me with kindness and respect. I will definitely recommend safe2choose as they exceeded my expectations. Philippines Age: 23 | October…

South Korea

I really had no clue what to expect with an online company that helps you with such a sensitive situation, but it exceeded my expectations by far. General information was given and every outcome and what to expect was covered. When I had concerns, I was responded to via email within 24hrs (of course I…


In need of a safe abortion, I searched for different options on the internet and I found safe2choose. I did everything possible to contact the counselors. I sent them an email, I began the online consultation and I talked to them through the live chat. The counselors were very kind and respectful to me before,…


The counselors from safe2choose are super attentive to whatever one has to say and they support you without judgment. Thank you for everything!


I had an unwanted pregnancy and the first thing that came to mind was to look for a solution on the internet. Within the first search results I found safe2choose.


I don’t have much to say, just that safe2choose exceeded my expectations with a mixture of their services and their clarity with medications and their kindness. I thank you guys a lot, in my case I contacted them via email and I did an online consultation.

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