Country: Nigeria, Age: 22

safe2choose came through for me when I had no hope and guided me safely. During my abortion, the first day was excruciating but afterwards, it was calm and peaceful. Generally great. They saved my life and my dignity.

Country: Nigeria

I was in need to have a safe abortion. Searching on the Internet I found safe2choose, I visited the site and I decided to start an online consultation. I started the process, which was safe because I followed the outlined steps. The team was in constant touch with me to ensure that the process was…

Country: Nigeria

I felt safe because of the concerns they had and their communication. Especially the concern they had for my allergies. I was in a bind and I think so many other people may have felt this way at one time or the other. But safe2choose was helpful while taking this step.

Country: Nigeria, Age: 26

safe2choose staff was friendly and sweet. They also had a profile for me so when I returned to communicate with them I did not have to explain myself over and over again. I’m not even sure if I was chatting with the same person throughout the process, but it sounded like the same person and…

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