Communications Officer

Job Description

Position: Communications Officer
Location: Remote
Contract Term: Full Time, Annual salaried position

Women First Digital (WFD) is a collection of online platforms providing information and counseling services for safe abortion, contraception and other sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues. WFD is comprised of the following three websites:

  • HowToUse is a one-stop global resource for safe abortion, providing simple instructions on how to use the medical abortion pills. HowToUse also provides a virtual assistant chatbot, abortion eLearning courses, country-specific abortion information, and is currently translated into 27 languages.
  • provides women all around the world with individualized support for abortion care so that they can have a safe abortion where, when and with whom they feel most comfortable. Our team of trained multilingual abortion counselors offer compassionate, person-centric abortion support, as well as referrals to local providers for in-clinic services, if desired.
  • created in collaboration with and partners around the world, shares information on contraception that is easy to understand, comprehensive, inclusive, and globally representative.

WFD is seeking a full-time Communications Officer for (s2c) to lead the planning, development and implementation of communication strategies to promote the safe2choose website and services, improve global visibility, increase user traffic, and improve user engagement across various social media channels. The Communications officer will directly oversee all communication outputs to ensure consistency and quality and ensure all messaging conforms with safe2choose’s visual identity and brand guidelines.

The Job
Communications Strategy and Coordination :

  • Plan, manage and deliver an integrated, quarterly online and offline strategy and annual communications & marketing plan.
  • Spearhead the strategic execution of marketing campaigns and activities to enhance awareness and positioning of the s2c brand.
  • Report monthly on key performance indicators from the previous month including trends, learnings and recommendations.
  • Lead the internal design and animation team and collaborate closely with country consultants, digital strategists and marketing managers to leverage Work collaboratively with a global design team to guide design objectives, and maintain consistency with the brand style guide.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of internal and external communications policies and procedures.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities to enhance internal and external communication, either through technology, new or improved digital channels, presentation and/or content.
  • Undertake other duties as may be reasonably requested of your post.

Digital Content Creation

  • Devise compelling, creative and data-driven content that increases awareness of and education around the abortion pills and directs users to the safe2choose website and counseling. Content should be globally inclusive, but regionally differentiated. Along with inclusive, accessible and abortion positive.
  • Supervise projects to guarantee all content is publication-ready. Oversee the nature and tone of content, and adherence to branding, across the organization’s digital channels.
  • Collaborate with the digital strategist, the design team, the animator and the social media manager on content creation and community management.
  • Lead monthly video creation. Create scripts and coordinate animators, voice over artists and translators to produce regular animated content.
  • Run high impact, core message focused social media campaigns that generate high engagement and capitalise on current digital trends.
  • Contribute to and supervise multilingual weekly blog articles with topics related to sexual rights and safe medical abortion – including hiring and managing blog writers on platforms such as Fiverr as well as writing up content, and collaborate with the SEO team.


  • Support the safe2choose Manager to oversee updates to the safe2choose website.
  • Collaborate with the SEO team on digital marketing activities and website content improvements.
  • Lead the weekly blog schedule upload and coordinate the tech, SEO and writers teams to post weekly blogs on WordPress.

Partnerships and PR

  • Seek opportunities to enhance the reputation and credibility of the platform in the digital advocacy space.
  • Supervise collaborations with influencers, partner organisations and media platforms and collaborate with relevant teams.
  • Design and execute effective PR Campaigns and actions to promote the site, new features or focus areas.
  • Collaborate with Partnership Manager and designers to create impactful IEC for on-the-ground events.


  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, advertising or marketing.
  • Minimum of 2-5 years’ relevant experience in a communications role. Experience with global audiences is strongly preferred.
  • Excellent writing (technical), editing, facilitation, message delivery, dissemination and presentation skills in English and news posts.
  • Working knowledge and fluency across social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok etc.)
  • Possess and demonstrate a high-level of integrity in line with WFD’s organisational values and ethics.
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong time management, organisational skills, and proactivity.
  • An understanding of SEO, especially linked to curating and writing blogs
  • Experienceobtaining data from social media tools, platforms and google analytics to report on trends devise recommendations.
  • A strong understanding of representation and inclusivity across language, tone of voice and any visuals produced.
  • Fluent in English
  • Proficiency in design and social media management tools like Sprout Social
  • A keen eye for detail and design.
  • Independent access to a working computer and reliable connection to the internet.

Preferred skills and knowledge

  • Working knowledge of other languages is a plus.
  • Experience in managing creative agencies and suppliers.
  • Experience managing websites.
  • Experience in managing teams.
  • Previous experience working in global health, women’s health, sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights, or social justice.
  • Experience in cyber security threats

The Communications Officer will report directly to the safe2choose Program Manager. They will also work closely with the WFD Partnerships Manager to ensure specified communication outputs match donor needs and requirements and are aligned with overall fundraising strategies, and with the Digital Strategist to devise communications plans and strategize new digital promotion activities based on user analytics and social media/Google policies to ensure overarching KPIs are met.

Contract Type: This is a full-time position. Salary to be commensurate with experience.

Application Process

We invite all interested candidates to fill the following form before August 8th.