Country: Mexico, Age: 18


Age: 18 | March 23, 2017

My experience with safe2choose was very pleasant. They make you feel safe, confident and comfortable despite the situation. They help guide you and give you the necessary attention through their live chat. My experience with the abortion went as followed: in the beginning I felt very nervous, but my boyfriend was by my side the whole time and he helped guide me step by step. The abortion started with cramps, a little later I got the chills and had a fever, but fortunately that didn’t last long. After a few days a few clots came out that had something white in them (because of the amount of weeks pregnant I was). Then I continued to bleed as if it were my period and that lasted about 12 days. From there and out everything was normal. Follow the instructions well and make sure you are with someone! A big hug to everyone, safe2choose is the most trustworthy website!

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