21 years, from Morelos


Age: | December 9, 2020

I decided to terminate my pregnancy. I was 5 weeks and 3 days and I decided to use the abortion pills. I followed the directions given. I took 12 misoprostol pills in total (3 doses of 4 pills each), the first doses of 4 misoprostol pills on a Saturday at 2 pm, then the second dose at 6 pm and the last dose at 10 pm. …after the first dosage I had light cramps and later I had a clear discharge and small clots (I also had some fever and diarrhea). I felt the same through the night, but on Sunday, at 3 pm I felt the expulsion of something different….after that I had a brown and red discharge. On Monday, at 8 pm I started bleeding, a similar bleeding to my period. I had expulsion of clots, like thin membranes. Finally, on Tuesday at 7 pm I felt a strong cramp and when I went to the toilet I realized it was more clots.

I had an ultrasound 2 weeks later. The medical doctor told me my uterus was clean….the bleeding lasted 5 days in total.

My boyfriend and I have been using condoms and we are discussing about the IUD. We are indecisive because we only have sex once or twice a month. But the condom has broken twice and we have had to access emergency contraception. But, after having had an abortion we want to have a safer method to avoid future problems.

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