35 years old, Canada


Age: | October 26, 2016

I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and decided to end it. Although, Canada passed law allowing medical abortion to be performed by family doctors; I was 8hrs away from the medical center. I googled online and stumbled upon this site; the consultants answered all my questions either via email (fast response) or the live chat on their website.

I received my package within a week (even though I live in a very remote area). Instructions I was giving via email were very clear. Personally, I was worried taking pills I ordered online, but I had faith in safe2chooce because of their previous interactions with me.

I took the first pill on early Friday morning; I had no signs or symptoms. Early Saturday, I took 2 Ibuprofen 400mg each, after 30 minutes I took the additional 4 pills. Within an hour I had really bad cramps that were on and off for the first couple of hours (I used heating pad for comfort), also within the hour I started spotting than it turned to bright red blood with tons of clots (I had to change my pad every 3-4hrs). I vomited 4hrs after I took the pills. Immediately after, the feeling of being pregnant was gone. My first night went well, I only had to get up to the bathroom couple of extra times to change my pad, I noticed that I was still passing cloths.

The 2nd day I rested in my bed, for the first time in 5 weeks I felt like myself again. I had no cramps, and my bleeding was starting to get normalized with almost no cloths. Today is my day 3rd day and I hardly saw any clots and I noticed that my bleeding was faint.
safe2choice empowered me. I had abortion before but by far this was the most private, cheap, and less time consuming. I did it at the comfort of my house with no need to fast (like required in surgical abortion), and no need for ultrasound.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

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