Testimony Mexico, 23 years old


Age: | September 9, 2016

First I would like to give thanks to this website because it helped me when no one else did. It gave me information and was safe and private. I admit that in the beginning I felt a lot of mistrust. In the end it was a huge support for me because before I found safe2choose other websites did not support me and gave me very little information. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I decided to have an abortion. It was very difficult for me but I went through with it because I was and I still am confident that it was the best choice for me – for my economic situation, family and schooling. I took 12 pills total. I threw up after the first dose, had diarrhea and very strong cramps in the beginning. 5 hours later I began to bleed and 3 days later after taking the pills I was able to see the embryo. I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would, it was more like a long period because I bleed more or less for 6 weeks. It was not necessary for me to go to the hospital, but I did have a check up with my gynecologist. My boyfriend supported me throughout the process and I think it’s very important to have someone there with you. Everything was safe and private. For me, my abortion process affected me more emotionally than physically – I always think about it and know that it was not the right time for me to have kids, but one day I will. If you are sure that you want to have an abortion you are in good hands with safe2choose, and I speak from experience. 4 months have passed and I’m doing well.

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