Country: Venezuela, Age: 24

They responded to my emails quickly, treated me with a lot of respect and understood my situation. They made me feel calm throughout each moment during my process. I will forever be grateful. During my abortion I had about 6… Read more »

Country: Thailand, Age: 24,

My experience with safe2choose was very good. They helped me with all my questions, and there was easy access to communicating and quick responses in live chat. At first my abortion was a little bit scary, but I felt safe… Read more »

Country: Uruguay, Age: 25,

My experience with safe2choose was excellent. They were a solution among many fears and doubts. My abortion was painful but I do not regret my decision.

Country: Ecuador,

safe2choose was very attentive to my needs and were supportive throughout my process and while I was recuperating. They were of great help to me and cared about my well-being. They will help guide you and be with you throughout… Read more »

Country: Peru

I was in constant communication with them in the live chat. They gave me information that made me feel calm and less afraid. They help you with what you need, answer your messages, and most of all are patient with… Read more »

Country: Venezuela, Age: 31 Years

safe2choose is like having a friend who you can really trust. They support you and are with you throughout the whole process. There were clots and cramping, but it was a very fast process.

Country: Venezuela,

safe2choose is simply excellent. They never made be feel alone.

Country: Mexico

They were always there for me, responsive to my needs and very supportive. They are a great team offering great services, lots of respect, confidentiality and trust. The information they give is clear.

Country: Nicaragua,

When I asked for support from safe2choose via email, their response was almost immediate. Filling out the consultation only took me 5 minutes. They understood my situation and supported me throughout the entire process. I recommend their service for any… Read more »

Country: Venezuela

Everything was fast, even though there was some issues, they resolved them quickly. They were kind since the moment I wrote them. Services are safe and confidential, even though in my country access to safe abortion is legal restricted. The… Read more »