Country: Philippines, 22 years old,

Sometimes we make decisions not because we want to, but because we have to. A big thanks to safe2choose for all their support with the decisions that I have made. Others really don’t understand, but you, safe2choose, you were there… Read more »

Country: Colombia, Age: 32

In the beginning I was a bit afraid but everything worked out in the end. My abortion was just like any other period I have had. There were cramps, but they were like the ones I’ve always had.

Country: Honduras

This is a very practical service. I received an email everyday from safe2choose counselors when I was doing the procedure. I believe that they are the best option I know of in my country. I hope they can inform women… Read more »

10 Facts About the 10-Week-After Pill

  Source: If you’re a frequent reader (which we hope you are!), you may have seen our 10-Week-After Pill campaign that ran on bus shelters, a truck driving around DC, mobile, and social media ads. Due to the confusion… Read more »

County: United Arab Emirates,

I ordered the pills and they arrived to the post office in just 10 days. safe2choose team was very caring and helpful.

Country: Panama,

It wasn’t very complicated and they also wrote me to see how I was doing. I think it’s the best solution for these situations.

Country: Mexico,

It is a safe method and they provide complete and very accurate information. They can also get the medicine to those in Mexico in record timing. Excellent services, I just wish the live chat had more hours!

Country: Mexico, Age: 32 Years,

I found this page because of a comment someone made on Facebook. I must confess when I found out my world kind of fell apart. When I clicked on the link I was very happy to find that the information… Read more »

Country: Guatemala,

I heard about safe2choose through Women on Waves. The service was fast and efficient. They made sure to cover everything with me before the procedure.