Country: Venezuela,

They are very serious, responsible and the information they provide is very clear.

Country: Mexico, Age: 24 Years,

They are actually really nice and treat you well throughout the whole process. I feel at peace now. They didn’t leave me hanging and answered all my questions. I’m so thankful I found them. Thanks to the information they provided… Read more »

Country: Mexico,

They were so nice and they answered all my questions. They didn’t make me feel bad. They were very attentive to my needs. With safe2choose I learned that having an abortion is a reproductive right of every woman and that… Read more »

Country: Mexico

They gave me all the support I needed and everything was very clear. They answered all my questions and were very nice. It’s obvious the team is trained well as they treat you with kindness and respect. They never judge… Read more »

Country: South Korea, Age: 25 Years,

You guys were very helpful throughout the entire process and made me feel way better about the process. My abortion was indeed painful for the first two hours but the pain diminished very soon and I was back to my… Read more »

Country: South Korea,

Their instructions were pretty straightforward and I also had an abortion prior. Overall, they made me feel better about the process. I would just suggest they provide more language options.

Country: Philippines,

They were very supportive, helpful and answered all my questions in a timely fashion. Despite the fact they were experiencing difficulties with their payment service, they were generous enough to send me the pills for free.