Country: Philippines

After my order was dispatched, I received it just 9 days later. All throughout the process they were there to guide me and answer all my questions. They were there to comfort me and listen. They were never unkind. They… Read more »

Country: Philippines, Age: 26,

I am from a country where abortion is illegal. I never understood the gravity of this until I had to make the decision myself. It has been difficult finding a source or clinic here that I could trust because I… Read more »

Country: Venezuela, Age: 23,


My experience with safe2choose definitely exceeded my expectations. At first I felt my world cave in on me when I found out. I have had a stable partner for a long time now but I also have a lot of… Read more »

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The counselors are so nice and always attentive to your needs. They answered me whenever I wrote them, they know about safe abortion with pills. safe2choose is very professional.