Country: Venezuela,


The service was very fast. I answered the questions on the consultation and then received my order. The staff was very nice and they did their job well. They were attentive throughout my process. They know what they are doing… Read more »

Country: Mexico, Age: 26 Years,

My overall experience with safe2choose was great! Very prompt in answering all my emails and with the delivery of the package! Even though I would have never thought it could happen, it did! And the thought of having an abortion… Read more »

Country: Venezuela, Age: 28 Years,

They were very quick and very nice. Everything was very easy, without stress. The abundant bleeding only lasted a few hours, after that it was normal bleeding.

Country: Mexico, Age:18,

My experience with safe2choose was very pleasant. They make you feel safe, confident and comfortable despite the situation. They help guide you and give you the necessary attention through their live chat. For me, luckily the pills arrived in just… Read more »

Country: South Korea, Age: 30,

My experience with safe2choose was very straight forward. The easiest way to contact them was via their website chat but they responded to my emails as well. If I had to choose again I’d prefer to be in a country,… Read more »