Vivian, Brazil


Engravidei aos 25 anos. Eu imaginava que esse tipo de coisa nunca aconteceria comigo. Eu me cuidava…até entrar nas estatísticas de falhas com medicação Vi acontecer com várias mulheres, mas comigo? Não, eu me cuidava…até entrar nas estatísticas de falhas… Read more »

Paula, Argentina

Ya pasó un mes y medio desde que decidí abortar y escribo esto para decirles NO TENGAN MIEDO, si realmente están seguras de que no quieren seguir con su embarazo sigan adelante.

Country: Philippines,

Their response time was quick and reassuring. Whenever I had a questions, they replied very quickly, sometimes within minutes and no more than 1 day. The order process was fast too. safe2choose helps women who are in need, especially those… Read more »

Country: Dominican Republic,

Me and my partner are very grateful for your services. The abortion went perfectly well. I did it 15 days ago and everything is normal. I bled a lot and had diarrhea, vomiting and chills while I was in the… Read more »

Country: Dominican Republic, Age: 22,

My experience with safe2choose was really great and and fulfilled my expectation because besides them maintaining constant communication via email, they never leave you alone during the process. They give you support, services and the necessary help as fast as… Read more »

Country: Mexico,

Amazing service. There was lots of help via email and online chat.

Country: Mexico,

safe2choose is safe. They actually care about us and provide reliable information. The process with them is private and they are always respectful.

Country: Mexico,

At every moment they checked in with me to see how I was feeling. Excellent service.