Country: United Arab Emirates,

safe2choose is a safe organization. The counselors won’t leave you behind. They will answer all your questions and everything you need to know on how to use the abortion pills. It is a very safe procedure.

Country: Mexico,

Their contact options are super easy and practical. They were always in contact with me to see how I was feeling and to explain to me the process. Women should have more information about these things so they can make… Read more »

How South Africa’s Reality is Impacting our mHealth Tool

After a week of meetings in Cape Town, the safe2choose mHealth South Africa team progressed on to Johannesburg (Joburg) where we continued making strides in preparing for the roll-out of the referral Our meetings there included rich engagements with government… Read more »

Country: United Arab Emirates,

I filled out the consultation, provided my address and the pills arrived in 4 days. They were really caring and considerate. They had an eye for every detail. Great job, great team.

Country: Venezuela,

An unplanned pregnancy is to bring a child into this world that is not safe, at least in Venezuela. In another occasion I would have had it, but here the situation is really bad. Thanks for your services and for… Read more »