Country: Thailand,

My partner and I would like to thank the safe2choose team for looking after us. Everything went exactly as they told us it would. About 4 hours after taking the second medication, Misoprostol, a big clot came out which I… Read more »

Country: Mexico,

safe2choose is a trustworthy and safe organization.

Country: Mexico,

I accessed services through live chat and it was quite easy because the chat was in real time and the counselors answered all of my questions. They were kind to me and I felt like they really supported and cared… Read more »

Country: Philippines, Age: 21,

At first, I had a hard time finding someone who I could talk to about my situation. I am a 4th year student and I was scared because my parents expect that I will finish my studies well and without… Read more »

Country: South Africa,

safe2choose made be feel special and cared for. I especially would like to thank one of the counselors who immediately once I started the chat was there to assist me, wow! I thank all the staff and hope what they… Read more »