Country: Canada, Age: 31,

safe2choose offered me the possibility to have an abortion in the privacy of my home. I had no effects after taking the first pill (Mifepristone) and 24 hours later I took the 4 pills recommended (Misoprostol). I started bleeding 2… Read more »

Country: Canada, Age: 35

I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant and decided to end it. Although, Canada passed law allowing medical abortion to be performed by family doctors; I was 8hrs away from the medical center. I googled online and stumbled upon… Read more »

Country: Philippines

safe2choose team cared about me and treated me with kindness and respect. They are very friendly and they really help women. Their service was excellent! I felt safe2choose service exceeded then my expectations. All I can say is excellent and… Read more »

Country: Malaysia

safe2choose team cared about me and treated me with kindness and respect. There is no judgement or criticism involved. The package arrived fast enough with clear and proper instructions & they have live chat available that I could write if… Read more »

Age 32 years, from Canada

Safe2choose website is a safe and reliable way to purchase abortion drugs online. They are discreet, reasonably priced and very quick with shipping. My experience with the abortion pills was overall relatively easy. The pills are easy to use, the… Read more »

Age: 31, Country: Mexico

I have a son and widowed recently. safe2choose supported me when I need and gave great care at all time. Prompt service, friendliness, reliability & availability. I will not lie, the abortion experience is not nice and it’s not something… Read more »

Sahar from Bahrin

You are the best online. I’ll recommend you.

Country: Belgium

Everything was perfect! With such integrity, softness and kindness. Really very good. Thanks a lot safe2choose!

Age: 18, Country: Bhutan

safe2choose is the right place if you have an unwanted pregnancy and don’t know what to do. They allow you to have conversations with their specialist and the distribution was on time. I’m very lucky because it was the first… Read more »